Who we are

We are a team of professionals engaged in beekeeping since 2016.

The idea for The Hive Project came from the conception that there are flowers in the cities blooming all year round on the balconies -unlike in the countryside, where we have one blooming.

We promote sustainability goals, and we believe that familiarizing people with bees can bring positive results for both corporations and their employees by enabling them to meet their sustainability goals.

Also, we know that one of the biggest challenges cities face is the lack of green; by implementing beehives on the rooftops, we can improve city biodiversity and preserve more trees and flowers.

The Hive Project is something that benefits individuals and corporations towards a “greener” future, and we think that within the next few years, it will be a mandatory step and will eventually become a criterion for building certification bodies.

Contact us to learn more about this journey and see how we can all contribute to making our cities greener.